Customized, High Barrier Product Protection with Maximum Shelf Impact

Produced in rolls for use with automated machinery, roll stock works as a valuable part of your product packaging line, saving you significant time, labor and overhead costs.

Available in master rolls of various material combinations in a range of thicknesses, the roll stock can be coated, printed, perforated or slit into smaller rolls. When converted, it becomes one of many different styles of finished packaging: from pillow packs to flow wrap and stand-up pouches, etc. Our custom roll stock products are formulated to meet your specific needs.

Slitting is the final step in the production process for most roll stock flexible packaging material and entails that a large “master roll” is cut to its final width. Slitting is a simple process. A master roll is received from extrusion, printing, or lamination. The film passes through a series of idler rolls and a set of razor blades set up to the final roll width. A photo eye reads the edge of the film or printed eye track to assure the film is slit in register. The outer right and left rolls have a portion of the edge removed as scrap.

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