Our wide selection of various pouches and bags allows for many packaging options.

Pinch Bottom Bags

Pinch Bottom Bags allow for more printing on the bottom of the bag, making it more visible in a stack. Formed with a stepped-end process, open-mouth pinch bottom bags are also easier and faster to fill and close, extremely strong in construction and sift-proof in design. Ideal for everything from food to building materials, these bags are often used to transport bulk items.

Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches

Made by laminating layers of specialized film together, our stand-up pouches are convenient, strong packages that protect against puncturing, vapor, light, odor, pests and moisture. Compared to rigid packaging, stand up pouches are lighter weight and take up less room. And because they stand up, these bags – and their branding – are easier to see on the shelf. Add holes to our stand up pouches and you can hang them for display as well. Green-Pak’s stand-up pouches are the ideal packaging solution for food products, whether dry, moist, frozen or liquid.

Customized Multi-wall Bags

The safe, cost-effective packaging choice for industrial and commercial packaging applications, Green-Pak’s multi-wall bags set the standard. Choose from a full selection of materials with a variety of coatings and treatments, a wide array of protective barriers, and our industry-best flexographic printing for custom orders. Our multi-wall bags can be customized to the sizes, structures and designs you want at prices you can afford

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